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Reducing the Risk of Depression in the Elderly


Because we offer home care in Pennsylvania, we understand how common depression is in the elderly. And while it is common, it is not normal. There are plenty of ways to age well and reduce the risk of depression. Here are some of our expert tips:

  • Consider the services of a home care aide.

    They can help you with all your daily activities including meal preparation, medication reminders, bathing, assistance with mobility, companionship, and more. You can continue living in the comforts of your home and keep your independence, which in turn can help keep you happy and reduce your risk of depression.

  • Take care of your health.

    One factor that can lead to depression is having an illness. And while you become more prone to illnesses as you age, you can prevent certain diseases if you prioritize your health. So, exercise regularly, eat nutritious food, do not smoke, limit your alcohol intake, drink plenty of water, and get enough sleep.

  • Find time for your hobbies.

    You don’t have to stop doing the things you love. Try joining groups in your local community or online so you can find people with similar interests. You can also try to learn new hobbies like gardening, baking, or painting and learn new skills like playing an instrument or learning a new language.

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